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2-4-1 Angry Texan Burgers at The Rusty Bicycle, East Oxford

Now that the turkey has been carved and all of the leftovers have been gobbled up, it’s time to think of other types of food once again. This is something that we have no issues with at Beers and Burgers as we’re always keen to sink our teeth into the best burgers across the UK.

Earlier this week, Sean and I headed to The Rusty Bicycle to do just that. We were looking for a place local to us in Oxfordshire where we could get an injection of beef and brioche bun after a steady stream of turkey and Brussels sprouts. As it was Monday when we visited, we were rewarded with a 2-4-1 burger offer; perfect for the cash-strapped post Christmas time.

Saying that, a tasty deal like that is of course going to attract a fair amount of interest, and the East Oxford pub was absolutely packed when we arrived. With no tables available on arrival, we had a pint of Rusty craft ale at the bar before we finally got a seat around 45 minutes later. Luckily we managed to get our food orders in before the kitchen closed at the end of the lunch service!

Beers at The Rusty Bicycle

However, the ale went down a treat, and we were shortly up at the bar to order a couple more. At less than £4 a pint, it’s a fairly reasonable price to pay for a great tasting beer. And it was the perfect pairing with the burgers that arrived at our table later on.

Sean at the Rusty Bicycle

The menu at The Rusty Bicycle is right up my street, it basically consists of burgers and sour dough pizzas. We both picked the Angry Texan burger (£12), made up of a 6oz beef patty, pulled pork, bacon, spicy slaw, and cheddar cheese. With the 2-4-1 offer, each burger only cost us £6, and they came with fries too!

Rusty Bicycle Angry Texan burger

Despite having to wait a fair while for our table and food to be served, it turned out to be worth it. The burger was packed full of delicious ingredients, with a special mention to the pulled pork which had a deep barbecue flavour that I could’ve continued eating all day long.

Inside Angry Texan burger at Rusty Bicycle

The textures were all good here, with no gristle, but the right kind of crunch from the coleslaw. And the beef patty was also delectable and juicy, dripping extra flavour into my waiting fries as I munched my way through the burger.

Sean: This burger was made great by the pulled pork, which in my opinion was the dominant flavour in the roll. A strong, BBQ taste helped to give it its unique style, and even if it were at full price this burger would have been a great bargain.

I would also back-up the use of coleslaw inside the burger. So often found in a unappealing pot on the side of the plate in larger burger restaurants, placing it inside the bun helped to create a really rich mixture of flavours overall.

One area that let the Rusty Bicycle down was having to wait so long to get a table! Whilst its understandable why the place is so popular, especially on a 2-4-1 Monday lunchtime, it seemed a shame that there was no system in place for at least reserving a table. We were stubborn and waited for a table to appear, but many others came and left during the time we were standing at the bar when they realised there were no seats available. Rusty Bicycle – your food is clearly so popular, you are missing a trick by not taking advance bookings!

Saying that, the self-titled craft ale was so good that I managed to have three pints of it by the time our burgers finally came out! If you are looking for a drink in this part of Oxford, it’s worth going to the Rusty Bicycle for this alone.

Review information

The Rusty Bicycle is located at 28 Magdalen Road, Oxford, OX4 1RB. This review took place on 29/12/14.

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