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If you like beer and burgers, you’ve come to the right place. This will be your ultimate resource when it comes to finding the best burger joints and pubs across the UK, and further afield.

Get to know our husband and wife team of foodie bloggers, as we will be tasting plenty of patties first hand to give you the thumbs up or thumbs down on the restaurants you know and those that you don’t.

We think that beer and burgers are the perfect combination so you can expect us to be trying a couple of cheeky lagers, or pale and amber ales with our meals.

We know, it’s a tough job… but we feel it is our duty to point you in the right direction so you don’t waste your cash in a total dive when you could be in food heaven just a few doors away.

So we’ll let you know which ultra-hipster burger joint is worthy of your bum on a seat and your cash in their bank account, as it is time to discover the ultimate in meaty goodness.

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Hannah Butcher

Hannah writes here at Beers and Burgers to spread her love of food and drink with the masses.

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