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Bareburger – a review of responsible burgers in Toronto

We’ve been to plenty of places that serve a big burger – Oxford Blue Smokehouse comes to mind – but we’ve actually found that the larger the burger, the bigger the room for disappointment. Quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality.

So when I stumbled upon a burger joint called Bareburger and got to know the brand story, I knew I’d have to visit with Sean on our trip to Toronto. This is why:

“We don’t serve the biggest burger. We don’t serve the smallest burger. We serve the most responsible burger. We may not have a dollar menu, but we do have the quality, flavor and love that every organic, yummy burger deserves.”

The first restaurant opened in 2009 in New York and now there are 31 – mostly in the USA but in a handful of other locations too, like this one in Toronto, Canada.

Inside Bareburger Toronto

First impressions of the Toronto Bareburger? Great interior and superb branding! But we were there for more than first impressions and wanted to get our teeth stuck into their burgers.

The team were really friendly and explained the menu to us, but we’d already made up our minds this point (we were very hungry after walking a few subway stops from the CN Tower). It’s possible to customise your burger, but we chose ones straight off the menu; they’re the experts, right?

Bareburger menu in Toronto

Sean had The Standard: beef, colby, stout onions, dill pickles, special sauce, brioche bun ($11.25 CAD), and because I was super hungry… I had The Supreme: beef, colby, fruitwood bacon, green leaf, onion rings, chopped fries, special sauce, brioche bun ($13.20 CAD).

We ordered a couple of sides (fries and a garden salad) and some beers, naturally. Our choice of ale was the Conductors Craft Ale by Junction Craft Brewing; the Junction is a neighbourhood in Toronto right by where I used to live!

Fun fact: apparently this beer was inspired by Sierra Nevada (yum).

Conductor craft ale at Bareburger

Beer was good. Smooth, flavoursome, and very enjoyable to drink. It also went pretty nicely with the burgers!

The Supreme burger at Bareburger Toronto

Supreme burger review from Bareburger

The Supreme was stacked high, but only because of the presence of onion rings – this made the presentation pretty awesome. After I pulled out the skewer, I still managed to pick up the burger to eat it without problem; no knife and fork was used in the consuming of this meal!

The patty was cooked medium well and the flavour of the beef was really apparent; completely brought alive by the other additions within the brioche bun, notably the colby cheese and special sauce.

Put it this way, there wasn’t a single crumb left by the time I was done with it. I remember announcing to Sean that it was a solid 8.5 out of 10 from me.

Standard burger at Bareburger Toronto

Sean’s burger wasn’t quite as stacked as mine, but he also polished his off with ease. The same can be said for the fries which he really enjoyed. I think you can tell a lot about a restaurant by the fries they serve. These ones were proper. Crispy, perfectly cut, and a good old amount of seasoning for good measure.

Sean at Bareburger Toronto

Hannah at Bareburger Toronto

So there you have it, Bareburger is a definite star amongst the other burger joints in Toronto and is so worth a visit if you’re in the city. Or check out one of the other locations and report back to us on how you liked it.

Review information

Bareburger can be found at 111 Dundas St West, Toronto, Canada, M5G 1C4.  This review took place on 16/06/16.

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