BRGR.CO festive afternoon tea

BRGR.CO festive afternoon tea in Soho

On Friday I had the opportunity to visit BRGR.CO in Soho. This small chain is pretty well known in London, having another location based in Chelsea too. I visited the Soho restaurant as it was more convenient for the other activities I had planned on the day (you can read all about it here), and there was also availability when I went to make a reservation online.

It wasn’t just a normal reservation though – I was booking my birthday meal and wanted something a little bit different. That’s why I chose the ‘afternoon tea’ menu, although it has little resemblance to those you might have had in the past.

BRGR.CO afternoon tea menu

Afternoon tea at BRGR.CO includes three sliders, mini fries, iced tea, three mini desserts, a little milkshake, and a bellini cocktail for good measure. For me, this is an inspired menu, even though I am partial to a nice home made scone from time to time.

BRGR.CO menu

The waiter in the restaurant was really friendly, and asked whether we would like the standard afternoon tea, or the new festive menu. As it had only launched that day, the festive option seemed like the way to go; I was won over by mentions of turkey and mince pies.

Here’s what got brought to the table:

  • Butcher’s cut & cheddar cheese slider
  • Shrimp and lobster slider
  • Bronze turkey & bacon slider
  • Fries
  • Mini spiced vanilla milkshake
  • Mini chestnut cheesecake
  • Mini chocolate brownie
  • Mini mince pie
  • Strawberry bellini
  • Iced tea

Festive afternoon tea BRGR.CO Soho

I thought the presentation of the tray was really cute, as everything was served at the same time – although I did find it a little bit hard trying to decide where to start. In the end I worked clockwise around the tray, starting with the shrimp and lobster slider in the bottom right of the picture above.

Shimp and lobster slider BRGR.CO Soho

The shrimp and lobster slider isn’t something I would normally pick if there were other choices on the menu, but it was surprisingly flavoursome and quite light – the perfect starter for the rest of the meal. However it was the turkey slider that won me over, especially with the lovely salty bacon also in the brioche bun.

Turkey slider BRGR.CO Soho

I munched my way through the last slider and the fries, before it was time to take on the tray of mini desserts. The biggest surprise for me was how delicious the chestnut cheesecake was; it was in a little glass and had layers of chestnut crumbs and caramel sauce.

Mini desserts BRGR.CO Soho

The only thing I enjoyed more than this was the bellini, although you can’t blame me for wanting a posh drink for my birthday meal!

Bellini at BRGR.CO Soho

I’d love to return to the restaurant to get another burger (or should I say “brgr”?) in the future. I suggested a steak, mushroom, cheese and chipotle burger to them on Twitter today, so maybe they’ll have my perfect choice then too 😉

If you want to check out BRGR.CO for yourself, you can still book a table for the festive afternoon tea as the menu will be running until January 31st, although it is only available before 5:30pm. Here’s the link you’ll need to get started:

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