Red basket deal at 7Bone Burger Co Southampton

Burger review at 7Bone Southampton

On a recent shopping trip to Southampton, I ventured to a little
burger joint called 7Bone Burger Co. It’s a relatively short walk from
the main shopping area near West Quays, but in my opinion it’s always worth a trek if there are burgers waiting at the other end.

Having looked at the menu online, I already had a good idea of the
burgers on offer, as well as the sides. However I decided to make my
final decision when I sat down to eat in the restaurant.

7Bone Burger Co menu

As I’d made a special effort to visit 7Bone (it’s an hour’s drive from
my home) I figured I would go all out with a burger, sides and a

The salted caramel shake was the first thing I picked off
the menu, although it could have been a meal in itself in the end.
Note to self: salted caramel shakes are very delicious, but equally filling.

Alongside my shake I had a ‘red basket deal’. This basically consists
of a 6oz burger and a small side for £9.00. The burger I chose was the oddly named ‘Prince Charles is Overrated’ – a combination of an aged beef patty, bacon, cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce, pickles and ‘dirty spread’.

Dirty spread makes the burger come across very edgy and dare I say it, a bit hipster, but this is something I come across fairly often in the burger world!

Burger reviewed at 7Bone Southampton

Just so you know, the burger was not unclean in any way. It was pretty damn fine actually. Quite pink, being somewhere between medium rare and medium, but that just made it more tender and delicious.

Medium cooked burger 7Bone Southampton

My side was ‘Wings an’ a Prayer (hot)’, chicken wings in a hot sauce.
It was served with a little pot of blue cheese sauce which was perfect
to cool them down a bit; although they didn’t blow my head off like I was expecting. Saying that, you might want to take care ordering these if you aren’t a fan of hot food!

Overall my experience was a positive one, and I’d definitely take a second visit on my next visit to Southampton. Just a heads up that the restaurant operates a first come, first served policy, so make sure you get there nice and early if you plan on taking a trip there.

Review information

7Bone can be found at 110 Portswood Rd, Southampton, Hampshire SO17 2FW. This review took place on 30/05/15.

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