Minted lamb burger and sweet potato fries

Burgers at The Royal Oak pub near Newbury

For many, Sunday means heading to the pub for a roast dinner. Following tradition, we visited The Royal Oak pub in Ecchinswell just south of Newbury but we wanted to check out the burgers instead of the roast beef or pork with crackling.

Rated as the #1 restaurant in Ecchinswell on Trip Advisor (OK, so it is the only restaurant in Ecchinswell) we had high expectations for the food with the majority of reviewers giving it a “very good” recommendation.

The Royal Oak has a special Sunday menu which is dominated by the roast dinner options as can be expected, but on the back of the menu there are a few choices including a minted lamb burger and a bacon and cheese beefburger.

We ordered one of each for our lunches, and were impressed with the presentation of the meals when they arrived at our table:

Minted lamb burger at the Royal Oak

Bacon and cheese burger at the Royal Oak

So were the burgers actually worth ordering? We’re here to let you know!

Hannah: In terms of taste, the minted lamb burger was very rich and flavoursome, and had a lovely yoghurt dressing to complement it. I believe there is room for improvement, simply by matching the shape of the burger to the bun, or vice versa.

The accompanying salad was lovely and fresh, but the sweet potato fries were over-seasoned with salt; a bit of a shame as the rest of the dish tasted great.

Sean: The first thing I noticed about the Royal Oak’s bacon cheeseburger was the bun – the multi-grain bread was something a bit different to what you would normally get for a pub meal with an almost wholemeal flavour, but in the end I felt like it was a good addition.

The burger meat itself was cooked well-done – I hadn’t been asked if I would like it to come any other way, which was a shame as I generally prefer a bit more pink to run through it. However it was clearly a good quality burger, and along with the copious amount of double cooked chips left me feeling very full.

The bacon had been cooked to a nice, crispy stage whilst the cheese had been melted nicely across the patty. I think with the addition of some salad inside the burger, rather than on the side, would help to round it off perfectly.

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