Pulled pork cheeseburger at Big Society

Extras make the difference at the Big Society, Oxford

Do you ever find it difficult to make a decision when it comes to picking your main course at a restaurant? This is something that I have issues with on a fairly regular basis, especially since I started my quest to taste burgers all across the UK.

So when I visited Big Society on Oxford’s Cowley Road on my lunch break, I had to embrace my indecision and turn it into an opportunity. You’ll understand my predicament if you take the time to look at the menu online – you can see a sneaky peek of it below.

Big Society menu

Luckily the first thing I had to pick was a drink, and with the house pilsner presented clearly on the bar, I didn’t have trouble ordering the nice pale lager in a 3/4 pint glass.

Pilsner at Big Society

It’s just the thing to drink as you become accustomed to the quirky and trendy interiors of the bar and restaurant. Luckily Big Society knows that it is pretty hipster, and it doesn’t shy away from having a giggle with this fact.

Bar at Big Society

There are house rules next to the main entrance which bans Red Bull, Instagram and plenty of other things too… I’d love to know how many times the list itself has been Instagrammed by regulars and visitors alike!

Behind bar at Big Society

It’s not hard to feel welcomed at the Big Society as the staff are really friendly and the decoration is really interesting. But I’ll let you explore that for yourself when you visit; now I want to talk about the most important component of Big Society’s offering – the food!

I told you that I used the menu as an opportunity, and I did this by taking one of the main meals and adding a little extra onto it. By that I mean I ordered a cheeseburger and asked for a serving of pulled pork to be added inside the bun.

Inside pulled pork cheeseburger at Big Society

This resulted in a fat old burger which was absolutely divine. Between the buns was a bottom layer of lettuce before the beef patty was put on top. Onions and gherkins were then added for a satisfying crunch, and the pulled pork was placed on top for another soft and seasoned layer. Finally there was some melted American style cheese, giving it lovely gooeyness.

Honestly, this is one of the best burgers I have ever sunk my teeth into, and I can’t fault it in any way. The food menu is stunning, but by allowing customers to add these sorts of extras, it really does add another level of yum! As I love cheeseburgers, but also love pulled pork, it is the perfect solution aside from ordering one of each, and frankly that is just too much bread.

If you live in Oxford, or are due to visit soon, you really ought to try Big Society. It’s well worth the short walk to Cowley Road from the centre of the city, I promise!

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