Five Guys burger, fries and milkshake

Five Guys burger review – revisited

Over a year ago, Sean and I visited Five Guys in the Oracle shopping centre in Reading, and like usual, we wrote about our trip. Sean said: “I was pleasantly surprised by how good the Five Guys burger tasted.”

Fast forward 12 months to when we were invited to visit a Five Guys restaurant by the brand’s PR agency. When they reached out to us, we decided to head back to the Oracle to find out whether the quality and experience had changed at all.

Beers and Burgers team Hannah and Sean at Five Guys

When we arrived, we both went to the counter to order our food, and our server was (yet again) highly enthusiastic and helpful, not to mention patient as I contemplated the menu options.

Hannah at Five Guys Reading

Order in and drinks handed over (a Brooklyn lager for Sean, and a chocolate and peanut butter milkshake for me), we grabbed a table. This time we were happy to find more seats available; we managed to avoid the busiest lunch time by heading there a little later.

I headed back to the counter area to wait for our order to be called; they use a number system which is printed on your receipt, that way there’s no issue of someone else claiming your meal as their own!

Five Guys counter

Five Guys burgers being prepared

A few minutes later, and our order (97) was called out. With the brown bag of goodies in hand, I brought everything back to the table to share with my Beers and Burgers husband.

Sandwich 1 was a double patty bacon cheeseburger with mayo, lettuce, ketchup, and mushrooms. Sandwich 2 was also a double patty bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, grilled onions, ketchup, mustard and BBQ sauce. We also ordered a large portion of cajun fries to share between us.

Five Guys order

The milkshake is probably rich and calorific enough to be called a meal in its own right. Before visiting, the flavour combination of chocolate and peanut butter was given to me as a recommendation. I can confirm that it was very delicious, but there was a little bit too much for me alongside the food!

Hannah with Five Guys milkshake

Speaking of which, here is my burger in all its glory:

Five Guys bacon double cheeseburger

Five Guys burger inside

Five Guys burger and fries

This burger was an easy eat, which means that it was flippin’ good for a fast food chain of sorts. Moist burger patties, a soft (but not squidgy) bun, incredibly moreish bacon, and the flavour combination of the other fillings made it simple for me to polish off in no time.

The fries were more of a challenge, but only because there were so many of them. Note to self: large means large at Five Guys. A medium fries would have been plenty for us both to share. The spicy flavours were beautiful though, and really sets Five Guys apart from its fast food competitors.

Sean at Five Guys, Reading

Sean fared a little better with his share of the fries as he didn’t have a milkshake with his lunch. He also ate his entire burger as he thinks they’re a “good fast food burger that you can customise”.

Sean's burger at Five Guys

If you are visiting a Five Guys, you should keep in mind that the prices will be higher than other popular burger fast food chains, and are priced closer to places like Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Our bill came to over £30 for the two of us.*

Review information

Five Guys Reading can be found at Upper Level, The Oracle Shopping Centre, Reading RG1 2AG. This review took place on 24/07/16 and the cost of our meal was covered by Halpern PR.

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Hannah Butcher

Hannah writes here at Beers and Burgers to spread her love of food and drink with the masses.


  1. What utter nonsense. Meal paid for by Halpern PR – 5 guys is a client of theirs.

    A paid review. No wonder it tasted so good.

    5 guys is pure overpriced hype.

    1. Yes Mick, as we stated, the cost of the meal was covered by their PR agency. This is normal practice. As you can see, we previously visited the same Five Guys where we paid for our meals, but returned again in this instance. Our blog is our opinion, whether paid for ourselves or by the places we’re invited. Thank you for your opinion, but we actually really enjoy having a Five Guys meal if we’re out shopping in a mall for example.

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