GBK burger review in Newbury: new restaurant launch

This week we had a preview of the newest GBK restaurant on the block, and this one was of particular interest to us as it’s in Newbury – our local area.

We got our hands on a table for two thanks to a competition that ran on GBK’s social media channels, so there were a few other winners there on the night too. We were all treated to free food and drinks; an easy way to make a mid-week meal more exciting.

Hannah outside Newbury GBK restaurant

Interior of GBK Newbury

When we arrived, we were seated at our table and told to go up and order when we were ready. As we’ve been to GBK restaurants before, we decided to order something other than our usual “The Taxidriver” burger.

GBK menu

For starters we had chilli fried chicken bites with sriracha hot sauce mayo (£4.65), and chased this down with our drinks. Mine? A chocolate milkshake (£4.55) and Sean’s was a Meantime pale ale (£4.35).

Meantime pale ale

Sean Meantime pale ale GBK

The chicken bites were incredibly yummy (and actually the first starter I’ve ever ordered at Gourmet Burger Kitchen!). They came straight to our table out of the kitchen as they were still really hot when served. In fact, they were probably hotter than they were spicy!

Chilli chicken bites at GBK

Now onto the real meat of it: the burgers. I had “The Stack” burger (£10.95) cooked to the obligatory well-done on my midwife’s orders. It was a beef patty with grilled chorizo, Red Leicester cheese, house onion ring, smoked chilli mayo, rocket, pickled onions and house relish, all within the confines of a bun.

The Stack burger GBK Newbury review

It was cooked just as I had asked, and the flavours all worked really well together. I would order this burger again but without the rocket, as too much of it can make actually eating the burger quite a lot harder. It’s just so stringy!

Inside The Stack burger GBK

Rocket aside though, my burger retained its shape, didn’t get soggy, and was all yummy with its chorizo, cheese and spicy mayo fillings.

The Stack burger GBK review Newbury

Hannah GBK burger review

Sean went for the “Major Tom” burger (£10.95) and asked for it medium. This burger includes a 30 day dry-aged steak patty with blue cheese slaw, crispy bacon, Red Leicester cheese, beef ketchup and dill pickle.

Major Tom burger GBK Newbury review

This is definitely something I would’ve ordered myself but I’m banned from blue cheese at the moment, so I was happy the Sean chose to get it as his main course.

Major Tom burger at Gourmet Burger Kitchen

He said that the flavours were all great, but the blue cheese slaw was a bit of a disruptor in terms of texture. It was quite wet, which ultimately resulted in bun mush, and losing the stable structure of bun and filling. The brilliance of a burger is when both work perfectly together.

Inside Major Tom burger GBK

Sean Major Tom burger review GBK

His patty was also cooked medium-well, but our waitress asked for this information so she could provide feedback to the kitchen team. After all, that’s the point of a preview evening before opening the restaurant to the public!

If we were paying for our meal it would’ve cost £39.60, which is the best part of a £20 note each (if anyone still uses cash?!). So it’s not the cheapest meal out there, but our drinks and starter did add a bit extra to the bill.

From my perspective, this cost is worth it though. Sean would probably swap back to The Taxidriver burger next time, which is actually a bit cheaper at £9.95.

Beers and Burgers review GBK

I have no doubt that the Newbury GBK will do brilliantly well in the town, as it brings a new era of burger restaurants to the high street. The town is expecting a 7bone Burger Co next, so it will be interesting to see how this changes the foodie scene in Newbury going forward.

Review information

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Newbury can be found at 17 Market Place, Newbury, RG14 5AA. This review took place on 05/04/17.

*The cost of this meal was covered by GBK through a competition on social media, however all thoughts are our own.

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