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Gone Burger – Bitten Street Oxford

Oxford’s first street food festival landed at the Castle quarter this weekend, and there were burgers to be tried and tasted. London’s Gone Burger had a stall, which naturally meant we each had to trade in seven of our hard earned pound coins for one of their pulled pork burgers (known on their menu as The Burnside Slam) and The Kickflip.

First up, Hannah is going to talk you through the finer points of The Burnside Slam…

pulled pork gone burger at bitten street oxford

I judge a pulled pork burger on the tenderness of the meat, the crispiness of the slaw, and the ingredients that have been used to tie all of the flavours together.

inside pulled pork gone burger

In this case, the whole sandwich was mighty fine as there was a truly tasty barbecue flavour with slightly tongue-tingling chilli heat. This meant that I didn’t need to add any extra sauces to the mix as it was completely spot on.

Now Sean’s going to share everything you need to know about The Kickflip…

Spending seven of your hard earned pounds on a burger is always going to feel like a substantial investment. However, it’s worth spending that little bit extra on something which has high quality ingredients and has had that little bit of extra care and attention to be put together.

The Kickflip Burger

The incredibly soft meat in this burger contained an ideal amount of pinkness in the centre, whilst it was complimented perfectly with the flavours from the melted Monterey Jack cheese and tangy BBQ sauce. The guys on the Gone Burger stall were keen to personalise it to my tastes, with a choice of gherkins, lettuce and red onion on offer.

Kickflip Burger Pink Inside

Whilst the bread used here was very soft and light, for me the burger could have been made perfect with something like a brioche bun – especially given the high price point.


You can try Gone Burger at plenty of other venues (mostly in London). In fact, they’ll be starting a¬†new residency in Camden at Elixir Bar from October 10th. All details can be found on their Facebook page!

Cheers for coming to Oxford guys, it was great to see you at #BittenStreet.

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