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Rediscovering Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Oxford

I had my first Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) burger a few years back. At first I was happy with the quality of the ingredients and the service, however I did think that the overall experience in GBK took a dip in the following years – especially in a couple of the restaurants in the north-west of the UK.

However I had the chance to test GBK again this week, this time in Oxford. I was keen to see whether the quality had picked back up again…

Gourmet Burger Kitchen menu Oxford

The first thing I wanted to do was give the menu a good read; I had been told about the special festive menu by a colleague, but I quickly discovered some pretty delicious tasting burgers on the main menu. That’s why I chose the ‘Blazing Sombrero’ burger – a beef patty with chorizo relish, tortilla chips, mayo, rocket and pickled onion, all within a brioche bun.

For £9.95, it isn’t the most low budget choice, but there are often a few deals you can find online for a discount in the restaurant. Especially considering that sides are extra, and drinks aren’t exactly what I’d describe as cheap.

Speaking of which, I chose the Oreo milkshake. It was my dessert and drink all-in-one, the only way I could justify spending £4.50. I could buy a bottle of wine (albeit not a great one) in the supermarket for the same cost! But the other drink choices on the GBK menu are generally fairly steep, as you can probably make out from the picture below.

Milkshakes at Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Then again, good quality can often warrant a slightly higher price tag, so I was eager to tuck into the burger and milkshake when they arrived at the table. The milkshake was frothy, sweet and refreshing, so I quickly forgot about the price as I polished the whole thing off.

I was pleasantly surprised with the appearance of the burger too; it was far superior looking to those that were served in the early days of the restaurant. Saying that, I was slightly worried about how I’d actually eat it, and because of its height, I had to take the posh knife and fork approach.

Blazing Sombrero burger at Gourmet Burger Kitchen

The stand out parts of the meal were the pickled onions, the char-grilled brioche bun, and how the burger was cooked – medium, just as I had requested. There were a few too many rocket leaves, but other than that it was a pretty good burger.

Overall, I’d award this burger a 6.5 out of 10 – it’s not going to take the world by storm, but at the same time it is a safe choice if you find yourself in a Gourmet Burger Kitchen restaurant in the near future.

I’d love to know what you think of your local GBK, so leave me a comment below if you want to get in touch!

Review information

The Gourmet Burger Kitchen branch I visited is located at 29-31 George Street, Oxford, OX1 2AY. This review took place on 20/11/14.

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