HUBBOX burger review Exeter

HUBBOX takeaway burger deal in Exeter

Described online as “the one-stop for a singular dining experience” HUBBOX Exeter is home to some classic American burgers; I wanted to give one a go on my visit to the city this weekend.

The interior of the restaurant can only be described as cool. Chipboard walls and individual booths give the full effect of a trendy burger joint, and the staff fit right into the scene too.

HUBBOX Exeter interior

HUBBOX Exeter wall

Yet despite the appeal of the restaurant, the sunshine was calling to me so I wanted my burger to go. Luckily I had a tip from my colleague to ask for the takeaway deal – a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a can of drink for £5. A hugely awesome price – even a Five Guys costs more and that’s fast food (although it is done well).

Needless to say I was quite excited about the prospect of such a good deal so ordered the food and waited no more than 15 minutes before the brown paper bag of goodies was handed to me.

HUBBOX takeaway Exeter

The next stop was one of the parks in the city, where I got to unwrap the bag and see what was hiding inside. I started with the burger which was still hot despite walking for about 7 minutes. I knew straight away that it was going to be good just from looking at how it had been put together.

Burger at Hubbox Exeter

The bun was soft and sweet, yet toasted on the inside to keep the moisture from soaking through. I could see lettuce, tomato as well as the cheese and bacon surrounding the beef patty.

Considering I only had a single crumpet for breakfast I was definitely in the mood to sink my teeth into the burger, and the smell was certainly making me salivate as I took my obligatory photos.

Inside Hubbox Exeter burger - takeaway

Fortunately it was then time for me to eat it, and boy was I impressed. The combination of flavours was awesome – I was getting sweet, smoky, salty and meaty in each mouthful. I had no issues finishing off this burger and would have no hesitation ordering it again, and again, and again.

Inside HUBBOX burger in Exeter

Aside from the burger, I wanted to give a little word of love to the fries which came in a paper pouch. Yum is pretty much all I need to say here, as my 20 month old niece summed it up nicely by saying “mmmmmmmm” when I corrupted her otherwise healthy lunch with a handful of them. The portion size was very reasonable considering the low price of the meal.

So should you visit HUBBOX? Oh yes you should! However you’ll only find three in the UK: Exeter, Truro and St Austell. But then, this kind of exclusivity works in their favour as it means they can ensure the product stays great in all locations, and it’s certainly doing that at the moment.

Review information

HUBBOX Exeter can be found at 183 Sidwell Street, Exeter EX4 6RD. This review took place on 08/08/15.

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Hannah Butcher

Hannah writes here at Beers and Burgers to spread her love of food and drink with the masses.


  1. Hubbox are without doubt purveyors of the finest burgers in Exeter. It’s busy a lot of the time, but super-busy in University term time- however, the kind of service that you write about is pretty standard, and they’re obliging to the point of taking names and sending you away for half an hour to drink elsewhere. The food is of an unfailingly high standard and even when they’re ultra busy there’s never a feeling that they’re trying to churn customers. The atmosphere is great when you eat in, even for someone of pensionable age it’s high on my list of places to go and things to do in Exeter

    1. I can definitely understand why they’d be busy during the university term – maybe now is the perfect time for a visit! I really enjoyed the food and will definitely be back to try another burger and some of the sides. Thanks for leaving a comment David, I’m sure HUBBOX will be happy to see your kind words.

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