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Review of Atomic Burger in Oxford

Having lived in Oxfordshire for almost a year, we have been somewhat guilty in neglecting a couple of our local burger joints. One such restaurant is Atomic Burger, which we finally made it to last weekend for Sunday lunch. Yes I am aware it isn’t a traditional choice for a Sunday, but I still had beef and pork, making it perfectly justifiable.

We had booked a table in advance, as despite the recent premises move, it can still get very busy with the Cowley Road crowd and those from further afield. 2pm was the perfect time for us to sit down – a late lunch is definitely a safe choice when burgers are involved.

The interior of the restaurant is kitted out in all sorts of strange and wonderful ornaments, posters and toys. As we were seated, we had Spiderman hanging out on the ceiling above us, and there were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles breaking through the wall on the other end of the restaurant.

When we got our menus, I was quickly overwhelmed with the number of choices… basically because I wanted them all. But as editor of this blog, I got my head into gear to select the most tempting of burgers and beers.

Beers and Burgers at Atomic Burger

I finally settled on a Anchor Steam Anchor Lager with the Chuck Norris – a burger topped with slow cooked BBQ pulled pork, American cheese and onions. Each of the burgers comes with a free side, so I had the Sci-Fries.

Chuck Norris burger at Atomic Burger Oxford

I always love it when the server asks me how I would like my burger, so I keenly accepted their recommendation for a medium cook.

Chuck Norris burger at Atomic Burger

As you can see from my photo, it’s a little more medium-well than medium, but either way it tasted great. The BBQ pulled pork was succulent and sweet, and I’m starting to find it hard to order a burger without this amazing little extra.

It’s also worth me mentioning the fries as they certainly added a nice twist to the meal. They’re fairly spicy, so a big dollop of ketchup on top helps to cool your mouth down a bit. But then, beer does that job pretty well too.

Beers at Atomic Burger

SEAN: As Hannah mentioned, the huge selection of burgers on offer at Atomic makes for some difficult decisions. However, I eventually opted for the Audrey Hepburn burger – even if it didn’t sound quite as ‘manly’ as her Chuck Norris!

The burger (which I also asked to be cooked medium) contained 2 rashers of crispy bacon, a fried egg and a giant onion ring. Although the burger itself did come pretty much ‘well done’, in the scheme of things it didn’t matter too much due to other toppings creating such am awesome blend of flavours.

Audrey Hepburn Burger

I’m a big fan of eggs but I haven’t had many burgers topped with one before. It made for a great texture, albeit a messy one, with the yolk breaking all over the beef patty soon after biting into it. Perhaps though, with a burger such as this, it may be worth Atomic considering introducing different bread options to stop the egg soaking into the floury bap quite as much as it does.

One thing is for sure – the Audrey Hepburn is certainly the choice for you if you’re looking for an effective hangover cure after a heavy night out!

It’s also not often that the side is as big a talking point as the burger, but Atomic Burger’s Sci-Fries are well worth a mention by themselves. More-ish and surprisingly spicy, I would thoroughly recommend choosing these as your free accompaniment if you are planning on paying a visit.

To wash it down (and to cool my very hot tongue!) I went for the Founders All-Day IPA – a nicely balanced beer with a refreshing, not overly-hoppy taste.

Atomic Burger, Oxford

With so many more burgers to try, I think we’ll both be back at Atomic Burger again very soon!

Review information

Atomic Burger is located at 92 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1JE. This review took place on 01/02/15.

You can visit Atomic Burger’s website at

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