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We review Burger & Lobster in Bath

Burger & Lobster has almost 20 restaurants around the world; yes, most of them are in London but you can also find them in New York, Dubai and Kuwait. Yet we visited none of these locations, opting for the pleasant city of Bath instead.

Outside Burger & Lobster Bath

When we arrived, we were shown our table next to the lobster tank (sorry guys!) and given some time to look over the menu.

Sean in Burger & Lobster Bath

Lobster at Burger & Lobster Bath

Burger & Lobster menu

As we both need to try burgers as pure commitment to this blog, we decided to do something pretty radical: split a burger in half, and share a portion of lobster.

I asked our waitress whether the lobster was better grilled or steamed, and she said she didn’t know as she hadn’t tried it before. We thought this was a little odd, so just took a punt on having it grilled!

Before our meals came out of the kitchen, we were brought some bibs to put on to save our clothes from getting too messy. Not everyone in the restaurant put them on, but they’re a good idea for when you’re cracking open bits of lobster.

Hannah at Burger & Lobster

This is how the meal of burger and lobster was served; as you can see, the burgers were cut in half for us in the kitchen to save us having to make a complete fuss at the table…

Sean at Burger & Lobster Bath with meal

Burger & Lobster meal Bath

Burger & Lobster food close up

We decided to try the burgers first, before the flavour of the lobster could impact us using full tastebud ability. Priorities and all that.

Burger at Burger & Lobster

Close up of burger at Burger & Lobster

The burger itself was actually a thing of beauty. The patty was thick, juicy, and still just the right amount of pink. The bun was robust, yet the fillings were a combination of gooey and crunchy. This mix of textures is SO important in a good burger, something we wish more places would get right.

Hannah eat a burger at Burger & Lobster

So bravo, Burger & Lobster. This is a good’un. We’d recommend the Mayfair burger (£10) in its own right; perfect if you don’t fancy having lobster alongside it.

But I will talk about the lobster just a little bit here, as you know the name of the restaurant gives both meals equal weight.

Lobster at Burger & Lobster

The lobster came open in its shell, with some of the other meat hidden in the claw. Once we figured out how to extract the claw meat (it was a bit messy), we found that the meat in it was quite a bit tastier and less chewy.

I think if we were a bit more proficient in the art of hacking apart a lobster, we would’ve had a slightly easier ride here, but the taste was still wonderful and smoky despite our failings.

All in all, the combination of the two meals was a good choice. The burger was hearty and filling, and the lobster was more refreshing and gave us a giggle as we tried to get at the best of the meat inside.

The one downside to our experience here was that our waitress did end up forgetting about us and we waited for *quite* a while to pay our bill; in the end another waitress stepped in to help us out. Despite this, Burger & Lobster is definitely worth a visit, just make sure you aren’t served by a trainee member of the team.

Review information

Burger & Lobster can be found at almost 20 locations, but we went to Octagon Chapel, 25 Milsom Street & 28 Milsom Place, Bath, BA1 1BZ. This review took place on November 12th 2016.

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