Inside Bacon Cheddar Burger - Jasper Brewing Co

Review of Jasper Brewing Co in Alberta, Canada

We’d been eating some fairly fancy food on our first few days in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, so I was desperate to sink my teeth into some proper grub, preferably of the burger variety.

We’d done some research of some eateries Jasper – a stunning town surrounded by huge mountains, stunning lakes and wildlife ranging from Caribou to Grizzly Bears (you can read more about our time in the area on Hannah’s other blog) – before we left for Canada. During this time we  came across the Jasper Brewing Co, which  seemed like a perfect place to get a feel for the authentic Canadian pub experience.

Outside of Jasper Brewing Co

The first thing we noticed on arrival to the Jasper Brewing Co. (apart from the awesome building) was the sign outside, which mentioned that they had been featured on the Canadian TV show “You Gotta Eat Here” – which is often shown on the Good Food Channel in the UK.  Pretty cool eh?

You Gotta Eat Here sign - Jasper Brewing Co

I can’t seem to find any clips from the show at the Jasper Brewing Co., but here’s one from a restaurant in nearby Calgary, just so you get the idea…

The other side of the sign was also pretty cool – it seemed that Jays fever that we later experienced in Toronto had even worked it’s way as far west as Alberta!

Beer Sign - Jasper Brewing Co

Once inside and inspired by the above sign, we immediately opened the beer menu, and both quickly ordered the Jasper the Bear ale; it seemed like the obvious and only choice given the location.

Beer menu Jasper Brewing Co

As mentioned in the menu, the beer was ideal with a slice of lime which helped to give it a refreshing taste, which was particularly great given the active nature of our holiday so far.

Jasper the Bear Ale

With a good choice of burgers on offer,  I decided to play it fairly safe and opted for the Bacon Cheddar Burger. With the province famed for its red meat, I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to have a burger containing ‘8oz of Alberta beef chuck’.

Bacon Cheddar Burger Jasper Brewing Co.

The pictures don’t quite do the size of the meal justice, but you can see by the very generous portion of seasoned skinny fries that this was more than enough for the majority of people to handle, especially someone coming from the UK!

Inside Bacon Cheddar Burger - Jasper Brewing Co

Inside the burger came two large slices of beef tomato, a huge piece of lettuce, red onion, a crisp rasher of bacon, and cheddar cheese melted across the patty.

Bacon cheddar burger meat colour

The meat was cooked well-done, but you can get more of a sense of its size by the above picture.

The best thing about the food on offer at the Jasper Brewing Co., besides it tasting great, was its value for money. My burger, with the big portion of fries included, came to $17 – at the time of writing this equates to just £8.38. You’d expect to pay far more for a meal of this size and quality in the UK, and it probably wouldn’t have caught the eye of a national TV show!

Overall, if you’re about to staying in or passing through the town of Jasper and you’re looking for some proper, homely Canadian food in a great setting and a nice atmosphere, then I would definitely recommend putting Jasper Brewing Co. on your list of restaurants to visit.

Review information

Jasper Brewing Co. can be found at 624 Connaught Drive
Jasper, AB T0E 1E0 . This review took place on 19/09/15. You can visit their website at

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