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Review of MEATliquor Brighton – Dead Hippie burger

I travel down to Brighton a couple of times each year for various industry conferences (I’m a bit of a digital marketing geek) and love finding new places to eat at each time.

Being a burger fiend, I usually find a way to persuade my colleagues to join me at places I want to go – last time I was down we went to The Coal Shed but this time I wanted to check out MEATliquor Brighton.

MEATliquor Brighton menu
MEATliquor Brighton menu
Interior of Meat Liquor Brighton

We reserved a table before we arrived so we were seated straight away when we got to the restaurant. The first thing I noticed was the really funky interior which immediately made me even more excited about the trying the food.

I’d already looked at the menu online so I was dreaming of the Dead Hippie burger even before I’d ordered it. It promised two French’s mustard-fried beef patties, Dead Hippie sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and minced white onions all within a shiny steamed bun.

The menu suggested that the patties would be cooked slightly pink, so I checked this with the waitress just to make sure. She assured me that they would be just that, so I felt hopeful about what would be served up.

As a group of six, we ordered a burger each, and had a few sides: three portions of fries, onion rings and mac n cheese.

Meat Liquor Brighton burgers
Our order at MEATliquor Brighton

The food came to our table on one tray so we divvied it up by plonking our bits on some kitchen roll; this was also very good as we made a fair bit of mess!

I pretty much wanted to try everything at once, but I started with the deep fried mac n cheese (camembert and stilton) logs. We made the unanimous decision that these are a pleasure to eat – they’re packed with flavour and a very fun take on a traditional American side dish.

Soon enough it came to burger time and it looked like a stunning prospect. It was hard to avoid sinking my teeth into it straight away, but I took a couple of photos to show you it in it’s glory:

MEATliquor Dead Hippie burger in Brighton
Dead Hippie burger at MEATliquor
Inside Dead Hippie burger MEATliquor Brighton
Inside the Dead Hippie burger

It was not hard to finish this burger, not in the slightest. Despite there being two patties, it made for such easy eating. Beautifully soft and tender, this was a burger that had full meaty flavour, contrasting texture from the relish, and lovely gooey cheese.

The bun was perfect, something missing from many of the burgers in our latest reviews.

MEATliquor Brighton is a must-visit destination if you’re staying in the town and you share my love of burgers. The staff will take care of you, and you’ll leave full and completely satisfied. A real winner of a burger joint.

Review information

MEATliquor Brighton is located at 22–23 York Place
Brighton, BN1 4GU.  This review took place on 11/04/15.

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