Review of Solita NQ

Review of SoLIta Northern Quarter, Manchester

If you’ve been in the centre of Manchester in the past year or so, you’ll know all about the growing burger scene. Taking inspiration from the capital and further afield, Manchester has a stack of burger joints to choose from, both independent and chains.

On our recent trip to Manchester we decided to pay a visit to SoLIta, a restaurant hidden down Turner Street in the central Northern Quarter. It’s a little hard to find if you’re not familiar with the area, but it’s nothing a quick check of Google Maps can’t solve!

We visited the restaurant after the main lunch rush as tables can’t be reserved for groups under six people. We definitely didn’t want to have to queue outside in our hungry state, and we were pleased to be shown a table as soon as we arrived.

The menu is a bit of a beast, and doubles as a mat once your meal is delivered to the table. The only downside of this is that your eyes are drawn back to the menu once you’ve placed your order, meaning that you are constantly thinking about food until it arrives.

Solita NQ burger menu

Luckily for us it didn’t take too long for our meals to be served, and we immediately set about our usual burger analysis. I chose the Smokehouse burger which is a good old mix of smoked brisket chilli, Lancashire cheese, home pickles, and BBQ sauce (£12.90).

Smokehouse burger Solita NQ review

Brisket burger Solita NQ

I admit to falling in love with this burger after the first bite; there was just something completely intoxicating about the smoky chilli and the smooth barbecue sauce. As you would expect with these flavours, the beef patty itself was somewhat muted, but it did have a texture that complemented the brisket chilli nicely.

This burger may not be the prettiest, nor the easiest to eat (it wouldn’t be the best for a first date), but it sure packs a punch of flavour that you’ll reminisce about when you eat other less impressive burgers in the future (*cough* Handmade Burger Company *cough*).

Sean picked the Bacon Double Cheese burger which promised two ounces of melted cheese, crispy bacon, ketchup, and a toasted brioche bun held with a slice of bacon candy (£11.90).

Bacon double cheeseburger Solita

Inside bacon double cheeseburger Solita NQ

His burger certainly looked easier to eat than my pile of beef, and the bacon candy had us both intrigued. I encouraged Sean to take a bite and it was quickly apparent that it wasn’t really his thing; however I had no hesitation in finishing it off myself as I quite liked the combination of bacon and sweetness.

Our burgers were cooked a little differently despite not specifying how we’d like them cooked. Mine was somewhere between medium and medium-well, whereas Sean’s was more on the moo-ing side of medium.

Inside the Smokehouse burger
Inside the Smokehouse burger
Inside the bacon double cheeseburger
Inside the bacon double cheeseburger

Overall he thought his meal was “pretty good” but had a bit of food envy as he could see how much I was enjoying mine. Oops. Saying that, we both wouldn’t hesitate to recommend SoLIta for a lunch that’ll keep you full, especially as the burgers come with a side of fries which isn’t actually mentioned on the menu as far as we could tell.

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SoLIta can be found at 37 Turner Street, Manchester M4 1DN. This review took place on 03/05/15.

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