The Warrior TGIs meal

Review of the Warrior burger at TGI Fridays

Hannah and I have reviewed the burgers at TGI Fridays before, though last time, when we visited the Exeter restaurant, we both went relatively low key. My French Dip burger was good, but I wouldn’t say it was spectacular, especially in comparison to many others we have tried.

So when we had organised to meet up with the folks at TGI’s in Southampton on Mother’s Day, we decided we wouldn’t mess around this time around. Looking at the menu beforehand we quickly decided to tackle the aptly named ‘Warrior’ – a double stacked burger also containing mozzarella dippers, Colby and American cheese, bacon, onions and mayonnaise.

After arriving in a surprisingly quiet restaurant for a Mother’s Day lunchtime (potentially due to the recently opened TGI’s located inside the West Quay shopping centre), we placed our order for drinks. And with Hannah five months pregnant, it was down to me to sample one of the beers on offer. Tough gig!

Goose Honkers Ale

I quickly selected the Goose Island ‘Honkers Ale’ – described as “An English-style bitter, inspired by trips overseas”. The hoppy aroma and taste were this beer’s key elements – safe to say most of it had gone before the food arrived!

Goose Honkers Ale label

When the Warrior was placed in front of us I was pretty staggered by its size, but definitely in a good way. Many “larger” burgers are impossible to eat by usual means, but this, despite it’s height, was definitely going to be manageable, just about!

The Warrior TGIs

The two thick beef patties were split by a piece of bread, the two mozzarella sticks and a layer of bacon, with mayonnaise spread across the bottom part of the bun. The American cheese had melted across the top patty, and was dripping down onto the rest of the burger – though not so much that it had become messy to hold.

The Warrior TGIs meal

Clearly very beefy with two patties to deal with, the addition of the incredibly yummy mozzarella sticks, along with the two types of gooey cheese really helped this burger come into its own.

Inside of Warrior burger TGIs

We’d asked for the burger to be cooked well-done, due to the advice of Hannah’s midwives, and were told by our waiter that “all of the burgers at TGI’s are cooked well-done”. However there was a bit of pink inside one of the patties, though this was fairly minor and nothing too concerning for us.

Overall it was interesting to test another burger at a mainstream chain restaurant – we’ve often found that the larger chains sacrifice flavour once they’ve drawn in the crowds. And although the Warrior is unlikely to ever be the most popular choice on the TGI’s menu, they’ve created something to appeal to real burger lovers.

Review information

TGI Fridays Southampton is located at West Quay Retail Park, W Quay Rd, Southampton SO15 1BA. The review took place on March 26th 2017.

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