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South St. Burger Co, Yorkville, Toronto

Burger joints just seem to find us, even when we aren’t specifically looking out for one. This happened on our honeymoon in Toronto, Canada, so naturally I felt that I needed to report back to you on our findings.

Hannah at South St Burger

We were walking around the swanky area of Yorkville (just north of Bay St & Bloor St for those who have an understanding of the city’s geography).

In between the high end sushi restaurants, mid-town condos, and clothing boutiques that require a small fortune to shop in, we discovered a burger restaurant just down from street level.

South St. Burger Co has locations across Canada (mostly in Toronto) as well as two in Dubai, maybe for Canadian expats who need their fix of patties.

Having no idea what to expect as we approached the door, I was immediately reassured as we stepped inside and saw the friendly interior and simple menu. It’s counter service, but doesn’t feel like fast food, even though it’s actually pretty quick from ordering to being served.

Maybe it’s because there are only a few members of the team and you can see the burger chef at work behind the counter.

If you’ve ever been to a Subway or similar eatery (apologies for this poor example), you’ll be au fait with the option to select your toppings. We just chose the standard toppings for our burger, The True North.

South St True North Burger

It was a beef patty with double cheddar, extra bacon, maple syrup infused onion,  and signature sauce. As I had the combo meal, I had a portion of the famous NYF (New York Fries) and a chocolate milk, just because it’s Canada and it’s in every restaurant fridge.

South St True North Burger

My first impression was that it all looked good. There was no obvious soggy bun going on, and it was hot to touch. A positive start.

South St True North Burger

South St True North Burger

Luckily things stayed awesome throughout the meal. The meat was clearly good quality; yes the burger was well-done but it’s a common requirement in the world of health and safety. But it was the maple syrup infused onions that were totally inspired.

South St True North Burger

South St True North Burger

They were essentially a sweet relish for the patty and kept everything nice and moist. Yum, yum, triple yum.

I need to get in the kitchen myself and recreate these as closely as I can because right now I’m in the UK and these amazing onions are on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Oh yeah and the team were pretty cool too. The chef hid from me but the girls behind the counter were nice enough to pose for a photo. Go visit them and say hi!

Staff at South St Burger Co, Yorkville

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